The expeditionary army of Italy, strong of 110.000 men(people) consists of five Army corps under the direct command of Emperor Napoleon III. He groups together in Alexandria at the beginning of May, 1859 without being worried by the Austrian army.

The first meeting takes place on May 20th to Montebello where the division of general Forey pushes away a strong Austrian gratitude. Napoleon concentrates then his army against the enemy right on the axis Novare-Milan. June 4th, both armies meet in Magenta where Austrians are beaten in spite of their strong position and have to redeem on Verona and Mantua, on June 8th the French army enters in Milan.

June 23rd, Austrians try a counter-attack on Solférino. This battle which puts in taken 170.000 Austrians and 145.000Franco Sardinian is characterized by the weakness of the French high command, but the qualities of the troops make gain a victory, at the price of 17.000 losses.

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