The Dardanelles makes communicate the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara. He owes his name to a hero of the Greek mythology called "Dardanos" who would have been the legendary founder of Troy.
In the last century, the liners of the company of Messaging made stopover in thebearing of the same name, situated on the Asian bank of the strait and collected the mail of the province there the administrative center of which CANAKKALE (Turkish name of the Dardanelles) was. This stopover was harmed as well by the liners of the line of the East (Marseille in Constantinople) that by those of the line of Syria (Constantinople in Alexandria).

An Office of Recipe was opened in the Dardanelles from 1835 (opening of the shipping line). it was converted in Officeof Distribution on January 1st, 1880. Closed during the Great War in 1918, it was then reopened (as the offices of Constantinople) to in 1923. (spring: Robert Dessert)

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Cancelled GC 5084 Typifies 15 of the Dardanelles (Turkey) for Salonika (Turkey)