METELIN (Turkey)

Mytilène (who the Greek name is "Mutilènè") is the main city and the administrative center of the island of Lesbos. Of the very old foundation, the city was, in VII ° century Before Christ, one of the main homes of the wind civilization; It knew afterward and for a long time a big prosperity. Later, It undergoes a long continuation of dominations: Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Frankish and, finally, Genoese. Conquered in 1462 by Turks, It was a member of the Ottoman Empire to in 1912.
in XIX ° century, Mytilène participated in the economic expansion consecutive to the business development of the region. Its geographical situation between Constantinople and Smyrna as well as the existence of its port made It choose as stopover by the company of Shipping companies.

An officeof casting, opened in September, 1852, was closed in April, 1872. (Robert Dessert source)

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