RHODES (Turkey)

Lived since the highest antique, the island of Rhodes participated in civilizations, wind turbine, then Dorian. On the other hand, the foundation of the very city, Hippodamos de Milet's work, dates only 408 Before Christ. But the city took very fast a big importance, becoming a great sea power, as well as the center of a prosperous Hellenistic civilization. It is moreover at that time that was set up the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of antique world, but that an earthquake destroyed fifty years after its construction!
The city was a part of the Roman Empire of East before becoming, between 1309 and 1522, the capital of the order of Saint Jean's hospital workers of Jerusalem. It was taken by Turks in 1522, at the end of a memorable siege
It is because of its commercial activity, essentially of agricultural origin, that the port of Rhodes was chosen as stopover by the company of Shipping companies. The Office of Distribution, opened in September, 1852, worked until September, 1887. It was then closed, then opened again in January, 1896. Become Office of direction by 1911-1912 (Italian occupation of the archipelago), It was closed by 1924. (Source: Robert Dessert)
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