SINOPE (Turkey)

Justified peer Greek of MILET towards 630 before J. C., city and port of Sinope knew an animated history. While it was major of the kingdom of the "Bridge",it the short-lived Greek empire of Trabzon, it was even of prize the Roman in 70 before J.C. Sous was prize first time peer Seldjoukides in 1214. However, it is only in 1461, that is eight years after prize of Constantinople, that sultan Mehmet II manages to seize it definitively.
One the contemporary period, it was theater, in 1853, destruction of it of the Turkish squadron peer float Russian, what activated war of Crimea.

The port, at present SINOP, is situated on a narrow peninsula moving forward in the Black Sea. In XIX ° century, it established the second stopover of liners connecting Constantinople in Trabzon.

(Source: Robert Dessert)

An Office of distribution was opened in November, 1857. It was deleted and transferred to Ordou in May 1869.

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