SMYRNE ( Turkey)

Smyrna (who the Turkish name is IZMIR) is one of more former cities of Asia Minor. It was established, on a site which seems to have been occupied from the third millennium a.c., by wind Greek, come from the island of LESBOS (current MYTILENE), in the neighborhood of XI ° century BC.
In the Hellenistic period, it became one of the main cities of Anatolia. Afterward, It also connût a period of prosperity under the Roman domination. After several centuries in the course of which itwas a member of the Byzantine Empire, it was taken in XIV ° century by the Turks, then by the Mongols of TIMUR ( TAMERLAN).
Integral part of the Ottoman Empire from 1424,it connût in XIX ° century an important commercial revival grace, in particular, to the important Greek community which had lived there. However, this community had to emigrate after 1923, date of the signature of the treaty of Lausanne.

An Office of Recipe (or of Direction) was opened first time in 1812-1813, was put back in service May 1st, 1837 and pursued its activity until August 1914. 

Diamond of Points: Small Figures 3709 and Big Figures 5098

4 colors

Letter of SMYRNE ( Turkey) of October 17th, 1860 for Marseille
mixed postage four colour
 in 1,50 Francs with one 80C + one 20c + 40c and one 10c empire ND
cancellted PC 3709.