First figures-tax arose from a precise and limited need: the control of revenue of the Rural Post office

The order of November 15th, 1858 was the solution the best adapted to stop these criminal practices. The administration put into service the FIGURE-TAX as the postage stamp, the figure-tax was a small label of erased paper. But unlike his older brother, he represented not a received sum, but to collect on the addressee.

January 1st, 1859 sees appearing first STAMP-TAX of France. Their use is specially reserved for the not freed local correspondences.

On October 1st, 1882 the employment(use) of STAMP-TAX is generalized in all the letters not or insufficiently freed).


Local letter of October 5th, 1861

10 c obliterated Small figure 1818 of Lyon, 10 C FIGURE TAXES affixed then cancelled, then redistributed the 7octobre