The city was established by the Greek colonists of SINOPE under the name of "TRAPEZOUS" (or TRAPEZONTE). It was, in the Middle Ages, the capital of a Greek empire, a rival of that of Constantinople who lasted more than two centuries and was the siege of a magnificent foyer of Byzantine civilization. In 1461, Trabzon, as Sinope, fell definitively to the hands of sultan Mehmet II
In XIX ° century, the industry and the business developed in the city and the port(bearing) was chosen in 1857 by the company of Messaging to be the terminus of the line serving the north coast of the Anatolia. It was then necessary to matter from eight to ten days for a round Trip between Constantinople and Trabzon.

An Office of Distribution, opened in November, 1857, worked until August 1914. (Source: Robert Dessert)

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